May 19, 2024

UMW Senior Shines ‘Light of Awesomeness’ on Accessibility

Adrianna Giddings leaves her white cane behind and makes her way to the front of the room. Drip-drop, drip-drop … Tasha Page-Lockhart’s Tears flows through the University of Mary Washington’s Chandler Ballroom, and Giddings breathes it in. “It’s like I’m in my own bubble,” she said of the performances she delivers with UMW’s Praise Dance […]

Memoirist, Disability Rights Activist Kenny Fries to Deliver Keynote

Acclaimed writer Kenny Fries has a message to impart tomorrow when he speaks to University of Mary Washington students: “Disability is just a different way of moving through the world.” Fries, an author and activist whose work focuses on his experiences of being disabled and gay, comes to UMW to deliver the keynote address for […]