May 20, 2024

Chad Murphy is Guest on Al-Jazeera and Voice of America

Chad MurphyChad Murphy, assistant professor of political science, was a featured guest on Voice of America on Thursday, Nov. 1. In the segment “Unemployment Remains Key Factor for U.S. Voters,” Murphy argued that U.S. voters would look at the overall unemployment trends during the election.

Murphy also provided live political analysis on election night for Al-Jazeera’s English television network.

Stephen Farnsworth Offers Analysis for International Audience

An interview with Professor of Political Science Stephen Farnsworth appeared in a MacNeil/Lehrer Production documentary about American political advertising and the presidential election.

The documentary, “Making Democracy,” has aired during the past week in more than 20 countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Farnsworth also was a featured guest for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s election night coverage.

Rosalyn Cooperman to Appear on D.C. Station Tonight

Rosalyn Cooperman

A segment featuring Rosalyn Cooperman, associate professor of political science, will appear on WUSA-9 during tonight’s 11 p.m. broadcast. In the interview, Cooperman discusses the importance of Prince William County to the presidential election, as well as the impact of women voters.

Chad Murphy is Featured Guest on NPR

Chad MurphyChad Murphy, assistant professor of political science, was a featured guest on National Public Radio during the October 6th segment “Does Early Voting Prompt Hasty Choices?

Murphy’s op-ed “The Sooner People Vote, the Better” appeared in USA Today on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Stephen Farnsworth Reaches an International Audience

Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science and director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies, discusses the importance of voter registrations to the presidential election in “Obama Steps Up App War to Woo Wavering Voters.” The article appears in the Wednesday, Oct. 10 issue of The Times of London.

Farnsworth also was a featured guest on National Public Radio during the segment “Virginia Senate Candidates Square Off in Debate” on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Surupa Gupta Presents Research in India

Surupa Gupta, assistant professor of political science and international affairs, presented “The Politics of Organized Retail in the Food Sector: Observations from the Indian Experience” at an international seminar on Organized Retailing and the Farm Economy in India. The seminar was held on Sept. 21 to 22 in Hyderabad, India.


National Security Lecture Series at Dahlgren

The University of Mary Washington Department of Political Science and International Affairs, in collaboration with the Joint Warfare Analysis Center, is pleased to announce the continuation of the National Security Lecture Series held at the university’s Dahlgren campus.

Jack Kramer, who lectured last spring, will kick off the series and focus on Russian foreign policy.  Ranjit Singh, who also lectured last spring, will follow up his Arab Spring presentation by providing participants with additional insights into the Syria crisis.  Congressman Rob Wittman will overview the ways in which sequestration will impact the federal budget, the resulting impact on our nation’s defense and national security implications.  Finally, Stephen Farnsworth, who directs the university’s Center for Leadership and Media Studies, will focus on the 2012 campaign and election, paying special attention to national security issues.

The programs start at 8 a.m. with registration, refreshments and networking followed by the lecture starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 10 a.m.  The lectures will include time for each speaker’s presentation along with opportunities for questions and answers.  While there is no cost to attend, we ask that you register for each lecture at

Wednesday, Oct. 3: “Russian Foreign Policy: Strategic Challenges for the United States” by Jack Kramer, distinguished professor of political science and international affairs

Wednesday, Oct. 10: “Sequestration and the Federal Budget – Implications for the Department of Defense and National Security” by Rep. Rob Wittman

Tuesday, Oct. 30: “The Syria Crisis: Personal, National and Regional Insecurity” by Ranjit Singh, associate professor of political science

Wednesday, Nov. 14: “The 2012 Presidential Election: The Media, Public Opinion and International Issues” by Stephen J. Farnsworth, professor of political science and director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies

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I’m a Job Creator: Can Romney Go into Specifics? (Voice of Russia)

Jason Davidson’s Article Appears in Journal

Jason Davidson

Associate Professor of Political Science Jason Davidson’s article “The Republican Ticket and Foreign Policy: A Test of Inexperience,” is featured in Aspenia Online, the web version of the Aspen Institute’s quarterly journal. The journal offers international analysis and commentary in English and Italian.