June 6, 2023

Esunge, Hydorn and Lee Active at National Mathematics Meetings

Julius Esunge

Dr. Julius Esunge, assistant professor of mathematics, recently organized a session at the national Joint Mathematics Meetings held in Boston, Mass., in January. His session, titled “Stochastic Analysis in Honor of Professor Hui-Hsiung Kuo” ran for two concurrent days and brought in about 20 speakers from around the world.

Dr. Debra Hydorn, professor of mathematics, delivered a presentation titled Fostering Artistic

Debra Hydorn

Explorations with Geometer’s Sketchpad in a session on Arts and Mathematics at the conference. In addition, Dr. Hydorn had a piece of art selected for display at the Joint Meetings.  A video about the art exhibit was made to showcase the event.

Dr. Jangwoon “Leo” Lee, assistant professor of mathematics, delivered the presentation Galerkin Finite Element Approximations of an Optimal Control Problem for Elliptic PDEs with Random Input Data, in a session on Numerical Analysis at the conference.  Dr. Lee also served as a judge for the national undergraduate student poster competition at the same meeting.

Leo Lee

In addition, five majors in the Department of Mathematics presented results of their research projects at the meeting.

Ryan Vaughn, mentored by Dr. Randall Helmstutler, along with Katie Dillinger and Rebecca Pressor mentored by Dr. Leo Lee presented posters that detail their work as part of the national undergraduate student poster competition.

Additionally, Catherine O’Doherty and Marianne Dubinsky, mentored by Dr. Julius Esunge, delivered presentations on their research.  Each of the projects extends work initiated as part of the Jepson Summer Science Institute from summer 2011.

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