September 29, 2023

UMW CVC 2012

The disastrous effects of Hurricane Sandy have been a reminder of how quickly the services of a non-profit might be needed.  That is why we chose the American Red Cross – Rappahannock Area as our featured non-profit in this week’s Eagle Eye.  Their services include:  preparedness (educating the community on how to prepare for man-made or national disasters), disaster services (provide sheltering, mass-care feeding, and mental health services free of charge to those affected by a natural disaster or single-family fire), services to the Armed Forces (provide emergency communications and financial aid to military personnel and their families), biomedical services (coordinate local blood drives), and health and safety services (provide CPR/AED, First Aid and Aquatics Training to companies and community members; fee for these services).

The American Red Cross is just one of over 1100 non-profits you can choose to support through the CVC.  To date, 13 employees have made a contribution to the UMW CVC 2012.  Please consider making your donation today.  Please contact Lori Izykowski, x1105, with any questions.  And thanks for your participation!

About Brynn Boyer

Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.