July 14, 2024

Leadership UMW

New this fall …LEADERSHIP  UMW… our very own professional  development program for UMW employees.  Leadership UMW will pilot its first cohort of  12 faculty and staff in September 2014.  Participants will complete self- and multi-rater feedback assessments, establish development plans,  learn how to motivate and improve team performance, learn the inner workings of UMW, and partner with a  senior level UMW mentor.  Make an investment in YOU! Applications are now being accepted.

Visit http://adminfinance.umw.edu/hr/employee-development-program-2/leadership-umw for more information and the online application.

For questions about Leadership UMW, please contact members of the Leadership UMW  team:  Sabrina Johnson (sjohnson), Lynne Richardson (lrichar2), Mark Safferstone (msaffers), and Golda Eldridge (geldridg).

As stated in the program materials, your supervisor must approve an employee’s participation in the Leadership UMW program.  An email message will be sent to him / her to solicit that approval.  Your application and your Supervisor’s approval must be submitted on / before April 15.  If you are applying to this program, please touch base with your supervisor to remind him / her that approval is due on / before April 15.