June 7, 2023

CVC — Payroll Deduction Deadline

Today is the last day to make your CVC pledge online (through EmployeeDirect for a gift by payroll deductions.  (Gifts by credit card can be still be made through Dec. 31 for 2014 taxes.)  Please post or forward this message as appropriate.

Simply go to www.cvc.virginia.gov and click on the blue Give Now Button.

Your gift will help one or more of the 1,000 CVC charities.

Follow the steps on screen and you will be finished in less than five minutes and enjoy the wonderful feeling of giving to others.

No waiting in line to check out and no crowded mall parking lots!  CVC makes giving easy.

Paper pledges will still be accepted after today.

Thanks for giving.

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
Office of Employee Programs
Department of Human Resource Management