September 29, 2023

Student Success Coordinator to Star in Independent Film

Brian Strecker, student success coordinator for Academic and Career Services, will play a role in an independent film set to hit theaters this fall called “The North Star.”

The film describes two slaves who escape from a Virginia plantation in the mid 1800s. Strecker plays a store owner named Jeremiah Daniels who is involved in two pivotal scenes in the film.

The film was shown in Wilmington, Del. on Friday, Sept. 18, and in the Philadelphia area on Saturday, Sept. 19. It is set to appear in limited theaters in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C. and Miami later this fall.

Strecker has previously acted in a short film and a full-length film, both dealing with the Civil War. He started acting and auditioning for roles in 1994, but only pursues acting part-time.

According to Strecker, the film deals with slavery, a difficult subject to watch. However, Strecker hopes that the film will drive viewers to action in breaking racial barriers that exist today.

“I…hope that viewers are provoked to reflect that many stories of oppression have existed in world history, and are still a reality today. While the faces, circumstances, and severity of experiences will vary, perhaps what all of these experiences share in common is the struggle to enjoy the freedom to live together in peace and dignity,” Strecker said.