June 10, 2023

Srivastava Receives Second Fulbright Specialist Award

Mukesh Srivastava, associate professor of management information systems in the College of Business, has been awarded a second Fulbright Specialist grant in less than four years.

Srivastava spent October 2011 in Tunisia as part of a Fulbright Specialist grant for 2011-12, where he developed a graduate program in management and information technology for the Tunis Business School at Tunis University.

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“Indeed, it was an honor and delight to be selected to serve twice as a  Fulbright Specialist to promote linkages between U.S. scholars and  professionals and their counterparts at host institutions overseas, engaging  in short-term collaborative projects at eligible institutions in over 140  countries worldwide,” said Srivastava.

He was recently selected for a second Fulbright grant in the spring of 2015.  During the month of June, he visited FPT University in Vietnam. FPT  School of Business originated from the Hanoi School of Business, Vietnam  National University and has a 20 year history. It was the first business  school in Vietnam to introduce an American-style MBA program in the  country. Srivastava worked with instructors of FPT School of Business to  design Doctor of Business Administration program along with detailed  educational materials, course implementation plans and research focus. He  conducted seminars on Emerging Technologies with regards to future  platforms and services, and conducted a training needs analysis at  corporations.”                                                                                                               DSC_0759 (1)

“I was full of excitement while visiting FPT University, FPT Research Institute and FPT Corporation for designing Doctor of Business Administration course to be implemented by the university, and disseminating my contemporary emerging technology based knowledge via a series of seminars,” Srivastava said of his achievement during his Fulbright Specialist assignment in Vietnam.