July 23, 2024

Paino Outlines 2016-17 Priorities at Opening Faculty Meeting

As part of UMW’s annual opening faculty meeting on Thursday, Aug. 25, President Troy Paino outlined his priorities for the upcoming academic year. Through collaboration and transparency, Paino discussed the necessity of building a foundation of trust over the next year in order to move UMW forward. Paino outlined the following nine priorities for the upcoming academic year, which have been approved by the Board of Visitors:

Determine a clear set of indicators for success. Identify high-level institutional indicators that speak to the university’s definition of success. This will include a conversation about re-identifying peer and aspirational institutions.

Finalize the strategic enrollment plan. Currently underway, the strategic enrollment plan is being created by a group of faculty and staff to determine UMW’s academic/student profile.

Update the university’s master plan. Address building needs on campus with a focus on older residence halls in order to stay competitive in student recruitment.

Create a committee to develop a Diversity Action Plan. Reporting directly to the president, the committee will discuss strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse student body and workforce.

Update the budget. Address the budget in a way that creates room for future strategic investments, includes a solution for salary issues, develops new opportunities for revenue and is mindful of reserves.

Capitalize on regional opportunities. At the core, UMW is a traditional liberal arts and sciences institution, but the addition of programs for nontraditional students has the opportunity to increase revenue.

Develop and implement a plan to address faculty and staff salary issues. Create and implement a plan that addresses workforce salary issues over the next three years.

Conduct an environmental scan of UMW’s position in the marketplace. Analyze our institution’s place within the greater higher education landscape.

Articulate UMW’s vision by the end of the academic year. Be able to clearly articulate the past and traditions of UMW, the strengths of its current community and where the university is headed.