May 29, 2023

Supporting Distressed Students – Presentation

Many students experience emotional and psychological difficulties at some point in their lives. Some students arrive at UMW with or develop at some point in their journey an emotional, physical, or psychological disability that requires additional support and possible academic accommodations.

Dr. Sandra Fritton (Director of the Office of Disability Resources) and Dr. Tevya Zukor (Director of the Talley Center for Counseling Services) will be discussing how faculty and staff can identify, refer, and support distressed students and assist them in receiving appropriate accommodations to allow those students to be successful.

There will be two opportunities to attend this presentation, which will occur in Lee Hall Room 414:

Tuesday, Sept. 20. at 11 a.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 2 p.m.

Please encourage faculty and staff to attend this important training.