September 22, 2023

October is Open Enrollment for ORPHE Participants

October is Open Enrollment for participants in the ORPHE. This year participants can select from among three provider options during Open Enrollment to be effective January 1, 2017: DCP (recordkeeping by ICMA-RC), Fidelity Investments and TIAA. For information on the options available, you can visit the new VRS ORPHE website at

An employee meeting will be held on Oct. 11 at 11 a.m.

To change providers during Open Enrollment, please review the Open Enrollment Notice, complete the Provider Change Form and the Enrollment and Beneficiary forms for the provider you have chosen (unless you already have an existing account with that provider under the Fidelity plan number 89755 or TIAA plan number 101850). Return these signed forms to the Human Resources office by the last business day in October, and your employer will forward them to VRS. Be sure the applicable Plan Number appears at the top of your enrollment form. 

Please note that at each Open Enrollment meeting VRS will provide a brief overview of the ORPHE plan and both new and updated resources. Additionally, a representative for each provider will speak about specific services and investments available to ORPHE participants beginning January 1, 2017.