September 22, 2023

Kraus Featured in Wellness for Musicians Recital

Andrew Kraus and Doug Gately at Melchers

On Monday, February 4, the Rappahannock Music Society  featured Adjunct Piano Professor Andrew Kraus in the workshop and recital called “Wellness for the Performing Musician,” held in the Central Rappahannock Regional Library theater.  Kraus’ workshop got the participants up on their feet to learn “The Relaxing Breath” and “5 Elements QiGong.” Kraus also introduced them to the seminal work on “Flow” by Czicentmihali and applications of that work by Dr. Joseph Parrente in his book The Positive Pianist. The program also included a joint recital featuring pieces that Kraus will perform at UMW later this spring  with Doug Gately, director of the UMW Jazz Ensemble.  The performance will focus on music by women composers. Kraus closed with Automne by Cecile Chaminade.

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