December 1, 2023

CPE Clothesline Project on Alvey Green Oct. 12

The following message is from the Center for Prevention and Education (CPE):

Content Warning: This story contains mentions of sexual assault, domestic violence, and abuse.

The Center for Prevention and Education (CPE) is hosting the Clothesline Project on Thursday, October 12, between 11 am-3 pm on Alvey Green. The Clothesline Project is an interactive visual exhibit created to bring awareness to the issue of sex-and-gender-based violence, and the t-shirts are the stories of those experiences. Each shirt is made by a survivor of violence or by someone who has lost someone to violence. Because our goal is to break the silence of violence, we do not censor the shirts. Instead, we honor the individuals who created shirts with us, RCASA (local rape crisis agency) and Empowerhouse (local domestic violence agency).

It is not a display that we want fellow Eagles to visit without context. Therefore, we share this message as a content warning for our community. The purpose of the project is to increase awareness of the impact of violence and abuse, to honor a survivor’s strength, and to provide another avenue for them to break the silence that often surrounds their experience. We support and encourage survivors in their healing process. Please visit UMW’s Not Alone resource page which is a comprehensive guide for UMW survivors. There you can find access to confidential resources like the Talley Center for Counseling Services, RCASA, and Empowerhouse, along with other resources. If you want to report, consider using the UMW Concerned Report form or contact the Director of Compliance and Title IX/ADA Coordinator ( If you want to contact law enforcement, consider reaching out to University Police. Lastly, if you are unsure about the next step, that is okay too. You can reach out to the Center for Prevention and Education Director, Ms. Marissa Miller (

Additional questions about this event can be directed to Ms. Miller. If looking to get involved with the Center for Prevention and Education, consider becoming a TEAL Peer Educator or attending upcoming events.