August 18, 2022

U.S. Feds Hike Rate By 75 Basis Points (CTV News)

Ukraine Faces Challenges as Russian Forces Advance (Voice of America News)

The U.S. Investigation Into the Jan. 6th Capitol Hill Attack (Global News Radio 640 Toronto)

Capitol Riot Probe (CTV News)

Biden readies for balancing act in first late-night sit-down (The Hill)

Modern-day struggle at James Madison’s plantation Montpelier to include the descendants’ voices of the enslaved (The Conversation; Virginia Mercury; Chronicle Tribune)

U.S. Sends More Weapons to Ukraine (CTV News)

Budget includes money for Hurley, paying off debt on Central Virginia Training Center (Cardinal News)

State lawmakers could finally vote on a budget proposal next week (WVTF)

12 Children, 2 Teachers, Kill in TX (CTV News)