February 24, 2024

This Year Was A Warning To Republicans Running On Anti-Abortion Platforms In 2024 (The Huffington Post)

Cancer-causing metals leak into water near coal ash landfills (Earth News; Mirage News)

Alexandria discloses list of ‘racially restrictive’ covenants on city-owned properties (ALX Now)

The Numbers Behind Virginia’s Most Diverse General Assembly (Williamsburg Yorktown Daily)

Americans for Prosperity Endorses Haley Campaign (CTV News)

Representation in Virginia’s General Assembly tilts toward diversity with historic numbers (WHRO; The Henrico Citizen)

State Representation Tilts Toward Diversity With Historic Numbers (Royal Examiner)

Virginia GOP sought middle ground on abortion and still lost the legislature (The Akron Legal News)

The next step in Virginia’s abortion rights battle: a constitutional amendment (NBC News)

Voters didn’t have a say in nearly 75% of local Central Virginia races this year — because there weren’t enough candidates (Charlottesville Tomorrow)