October 2, 2023

Religious freedom has been a civil right since our nation’s founding (The Free Lance-Star)

Craig Vasey to Present on Jean-Paul Sartre Friday

Craig Vasey, chair of the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion and professor of philosophy, will give a talk about Jean-Paul Sartre’s life, work and interests prior to a performance of “No Exit” by the Fredericksburg Theatre Ensemble.

The talk will be held Friday, Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m. on the fourth floor of 810 Caroline Street in downtown Fredericksburg.

For information about Fredericksburg Theatre Ensemble, visit https://www.fredericksburgtheatre.org/



Teaching Eval Shake-Up (Inside Higher Ed)

Vasey To Give Religious Freedom Address

Craig Vasey

Craig Vasey

Craig Vasey, Chair of the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion and Professor of Philosophy, will give the keynote address, “Civil Rights and Religious Opinions” at the Knights of Columbus annual Religious Freedom Day celebration on Sunday, Jan. 14 at the Religious Freedom Monument on Washington Avenue.

Properly honoring the legacy of these civil rights leaders (The Washington Post)

FSEMs go to new African American History Museum

Thirty-two students from six sections of FSEM (Race & Revolution) and Racism and Contemporary American Philosophy visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture  and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Oct 27.  Four faculty accompanied them: Melina Patterson, Suzanne Sumner, Craig Vasey and Wanda Simpkins (James Farmer Post-Doctoral Fellow).  The museum is very impressive, and students were struck by the variety of exhibits and the amount of information concerning our history that is overlooked in what they learn in school.  To our surprise, however, we found that if you do not already know who James Farmer is, and what CORE was, you will not learn it from the current set of exhibits!

Vasey Co-Writes Journal Article

Craig Vasey and Linda Carroll wrote an article titled “How Do We Evaluate Teaching?” in the May-June issue of Academe, a publication of the American Association of University Professors.

Vasey is professor of philosophy and chair of the Department of Classics, Philosophy and Religion. He is a former member of the AAUP’s national council and current chair of the Committee on Teaching, Research and Publication. Linda Carroll is professor of Italian at Tulane University and a member of the AAUP’s Executive Committee.



Should a Cal State Fullerton Math Professor be Forced to have His Students Use $180 Textbook, Written by His Boss? (The Orange County Register)

Flawed Evaluations (Inside Higher Education.com)

Flawed Evaluations (Inside Higher Ed.Com)