June 1, 2023

Kuykendall Publishes Critical Edition of Stanford Orchestral Works

Stanford: Orchestral Song Cycles (ed. Kuykendall and Kang), A-R Editions, 2019.

Music Department Chair Brooks Kuykendall’s new edition of works of Irish composer Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924) is now in print from A-R Editions.  The volume includes two of Stanford’s most popular works, Songs of the Sea (1904) and Songs of the Fleet (1910); both are orchestral song cycles setting texts of Henry Newbolt.

Kuykendall chronicled the development of this volume–a collaborative undergraduate research project–recently on his blog Settling Scores.

Kuykendall Returns to Oxford to Present at “London Stage” Conference

The 2018 Gilbert & Sullivan panel at New College, Oxford: (l-r) Martyn Strachan (The Open University); Brooks Kuykendall (UMW); and Benedict Taylor (University of Edinburgh)

Brooks Kuykendall, chair of the UMW Department of Music, returned to New College, Oxford for the second iteration of The London Stage and the Nineteenth-Century World conference, April 5-7, 2018.  As at the first conference in 2016, he was invited for a panel focusing on the works of Gilbert & Sullivan, convened by Dr. Benedict Taylor (University of Edinburgh).  This year Kuykendall presented the paper “Sullivan’s cosmopolitan dramaturgical ideal.”

Most of Kuykendall’s research has centered around British music in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, extending beyond Gilbert & Sullivan to the music of Elgar, Stanford, Vaughan Williams, Walton, and Britten, among others.