February 24, 2018

Office of Events Welcomes Coordinator of Community Events

Ali Gauch Hieber returns to UMW, joining the Office of Events and Conferencing as Coordinator of Community Events.  She will work collaboratively with colleagues across campus coordinating our undergraduate graduation ceremony and the Great Lives Series. Recently, Ms. Hieber has served as Special Assistant to the VP for Academic Affairs and Student Services and Dean of Enrollment Services at Germanna Community College and was responsible for recruitment, the Admissions and Records Office, Financial Aid Office, the Veteran’s Center and educational sites in Stafford and Culpeper counties.  In this role she was responsible for two annual commencement ceremonies and multiple public events.

Ali previously served the University from 1993-2012, most recently as the Associate Dean of Admissions.

Lottery Lunches with President and Mrs. Hurley

The following message is from the Office of University Events and Conferencing:

Spring dates for the faculty and staff lottery luncheons with President and Mrs. Hurley at Brompton are now available. All UMW Employees are eligible to enter the lottery. If you are chosen, you will be invited to attend a very special luncheon with President and Mrs. Hurley. We are currently holding a lottery for two lunch dates in spring 2016. You can now apply online, and 10 randomly chosen winners will receive an email invitation for one of the lunches. Go to http://president.umw.edu/events/lottery-dinners-with-president-and-mrs-hurley/  to enter.

Brand Standards and Visual Identity Toolkit

The Office of University Relations has unveiled to the campus community the completed Brand Standards and Visual Identity Toolkit. This document replaces the Graphic Standards, which have been in use since 2004.

This toolkit has been developed over the course of many months, and it has been endorsed by President Hurley and approved by the Cabinet.

As you review the identity standards, please remember that first impressions occur in a multitude of formats. From print to electronic communications to online to social media, the manner by which we visually present the University of Mary Washington has a significant impact on how we are viewed by the public. As we communicate about the University, this publication will provide detailed guidelines for using our trademarked logos and other visual representations of the University.

This is a fluid document: changes should and will be made as situations dictate. In conjunction with release of these standards, President Hurley has appointed a Visual Identity and Brand Standards Committee, which will serve an oversight and compliance role. This committee will also consider any proposed changes to the standards. Current members include:

Anna Billingsley, chair
Erma Baker
Richard Finkelstein
Malcolm Holmes
Shelley Keith
Lou Martinette
AJ Newell
Clint Often
Anand Rao
Gregg Stull
Mark Thaden
Marty Wilder
Susan Worrell
Representative from Admissions
Representative from Student Activities
Student representative

By consistently following the guidelines outlined in the Toolkit, we can all help build a strong, unified image for the University of Mary Washington.

Should you have questions about the Brand Standards and Visual Identity Toolkit, contact Anna Billingsley, Associate Vice President for University Relations, at (504) 654-1686 or abilling@umw.edu; or AJ Newell, Director of Design Services and Brand Coordinator, at (540) 654-1934 or anewell@umw.edu.

The Brand Standards and Visual Identity Toolkit is a PDF file. You may download it here.