June 6, 2023

UMW Introduces New Policies

UMW introduced two new policies in November 2013:

The policy on Ethical Business Practices (E.2.9.4.) was adopted Nov. 15, 2013. The purpose of the policy is to create a community dedicated to the highest standards of scholarship, professional integrity, and ethical conduct. The University recognizes its duty to uphold the public’s trust and confidence by adhering to applicable laws, regulations and acceptable standards of ethical behavior in the conduct of business operations. The University’s integrity and reputation are in the hands of its employees. Each employee contributes to the overall success of the University of Mary Washington by conducting University business in accordance with applicable policies and procedures. You will find the policy in Book E, Administration and Finance, under Section 2, Finance. View the policy here.

The  Animals on University Property Policy (E.3.9.4.) was adopted on Nov. 9, 2013. The purpose of the policy is to provide rules and regulations concerning bringing animals on university property. You will find the policy in Book E, Administration and Finance, under Section 3, Human Resources. View the policy here.

For more information on University policies, visit www.umw.edu/policies/.


  1. Maria Schultz says

    Research indicates that dogs in offices can help boost morale and improve work relationships. As an institution of higher learning, it makes me sad that we can’t find creative, low cost ways like office dogs to boost the already low morale here. But what I find the most troubling about this policy is that there was a need for it and time was spent on it. Shouldn’t the focus these days be on ways we can improve employee morale? Shouldn’t administration be finding ways to give us any little perks and privileges that they can in the face of unfair pay, and no cost of living raises?

    Our competition, VCU, conducted a study that helped prove office dogs are morale boosters, and now we make a policy to ban dogs in buildings?

    I would really like to see a survey be conducted of the entire University to see what the majority of employees think about having dogs here.