July 12, 2024

Jill Ellington Named Excellent Eagle Employee

Staff Advisory Council is pleased to recognize Jill Ellington as the Excellent Eagle Employee for August and September. The award for this honor is a designated parking space of the awardee’s choosing.

In nominating Jill, her champion wrote:
Jill is definitely an Excellent Eagle – she always is there for her colleagues when they have questions or need help. Even with a large workload that spans across many departments, her work is always top-notch and done on time. She has been a great mentor to me and I really think she deserves this award!

Congratulate Jill when you see her, and remember to send nominations for Excellent Eagle Employee to Excellent Eagle Employee nomination


  1. Linda Thornton says

    Congratulations Jill! You are truly an Excellent Employee. I know I can depend on you to jump in and resolve complex issues and keep the wheels turning. Thank you for all you do for EAS and UMW!

  2. Tracey O'Neill says

    Congratulation Jill! We appreciate that you are always there to help our office when we have an issue, or need new methods of gathering data. You always have our back, and we thank you!.