October 2, 2023

Building Coordinators Announced

To:  Members of the UMW Community
From:  Richard Pearce, Vice President for Administration & Finance

Building management is an integral part of campus safety and maintenance. Effective immediately, I am pleased to announce that we have selected employees who will take on the responsibility as Building Coordinators for designated buildings at the University.

Building Coordinators will:

  • Assist with coordinating safety and building related issues between service departments and the occupants of the building;
  • Serve as additional eyes and ears for the service department; and
  • Be the primary point of contact when concerns involve the entire building

The main duties of the Building Coordinators include, but are not limited to:

  1. Reporting general building safety and security concerns to the appropriate service department (i.e. elevator malfunctions, ramp blockage, automatic doors closed, etc.);
  2. Assisting with disseminating information to building occupants;
  3. Assisting with building evacuations and training;
  4. Performing regular visual inspections of the building and reporting any deficiencies to the appropriate service department.  Annual inspections with Service Department personnel may also be requested of the Building Coordinator; and
  5. Facilitating building emergency plans.

Building Coordinators are not intended to eliminate direct contact between service departments and building occupants. For the most part, Building Coordinators act as the primary point of contact when concerns involve the entire building.

Please take a moment to review the list indicating the coordinator assigned to your building:

Brent House:  Pamela Carter
Combs Hall: Julia Coates
Pollard & Melchers Halls: Michael Morley
Dupont Hall: Jon Reynolds
Eagle Village: Monique SanPietro
Fairfax & Tyler Houses: TBD
George Washington Hall: Pamela Taggert
Jepson Science Center: Wilma Willard
Lee Hall: Janice White-Wormley
Mansion & Economics: Rosemary Staggs
Marye House: Dena Gray
Mercer Hall: Jean Bennett
Monroe Hall:  Lisa Patton
Physical Plant:  Mollie Moore
Stafford Campus:  Kevin Caffre
Trinkle Hall:  Cindy Toomey
Woodard Hall:  Lucy Quann
Fitness Center:  Rodrick “Rod” Wood
Dahlgren:  Scott Jones
Hurley Convergence Center:  Cartland Berge
University Center:  Alec Mallmann

I would like to thank in advance all the BCs for their willingness to take on this additional task and ask the UMW community to please offer your support and assistance to these individuals as they work to enhance the safety and security in our buildings.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,


  1. Cindy Toomey says

    I have been omitted from the list of building coordinators – Trinkle Hall.