June 3, 2023

SAC Excellent Eagle is Lucy Quann!

Congratulations to Lucy Quann, SAC’s Excellent Eagle Employee for September 2016!

In nominating Lucy, her champions, Lynne Richardson and Ken Machande, wrote: “Lucy cheerfully supports the entire COB faculty and staff, making sure we have everything we need to deliver a quality business education to our students.  In addition to her day-to-day activities, she managed the packing, move and unpacking from our 2.5 year home on the second floor of George Washington Hall to renovated Woodard Hall back in December.  She is passionate about serving our students and does whatever she can to ensure that the College of Business brand is represented as we want it to be!  I’ve seen her picking up trash and resetting a classroom in advance of a Destination Day visit to our class.  She knows who to call on campus when we have needs and has ferociously negotiated with vendors to get us the best price when we are in the market to purchase an item.  While the least favorite part of her job involves paying bills, she perseveres and gets it done!  We are fortunate to have her and think she deserves to be recognized for her efforts!”

Please nominate your co-workers, supervisor, or employees for the Excellent Eagle Employee award. Simply send an email to eenominations@umw.edu with Excellent Eagle Employee in the subject line. Be sure to provide the person’s name, department, and work location with the most convenient parking lot, and the reason they should be recognized.


  1. Andrea Cordray says

    Congratulations to Lucy! She is so deserving of this accolade!