October 4, 2023

A message from the Vice President for Student Affairs

Dear UMW Community:

As we start a new academic year, we are delighted to welcome new students, faculty, and staff members to Mary Washington and to our community values of intellectual inquiry, civic engagement, inclusion, and mutual respect.

We also begin this academic year feeling the ripple effects of Charlottesville and the imperative to strengthen Mary Washington’s commitment to education and opportunity for all people. As President Paino expressed to the community on August 17, UMW must “connect the values of a liberal arts education to the world we’re going to serve.” As one of four major goals of the institutional strategic vision, An Investment of Hope, President Paino proposed a commitment to a diverse and inclusive community as an essential requirement for academic excellence and intellectual growth.

Of course, campus safety goes alongside our drive for access and equity. In order to support our educational mission, we have a responsibility to watch out for one another. Attached please find our message about safety: How to Stay Safe and Feel Safe at Mary Washington. safe-at-umw These posters will appear around campus over the following days and weeks.

As always, we encourage you to report any concern to the UMW Police at 540-654-1025 or 540-654-4444.

Have a wonderful semester. Sincerely,


Juliette Landphair, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs

University of Mary Washington