May 31, 2023

UMW Welcomes New Director of Financial Aid

Tim Saulnier joined UMW on Aug. 27 as the new director of financial aid. Tim comes from the University of Lynchburg, where he spent several years in the same role. 

There, Tim worked to provide student-centered services and to actively build collaborative relationships across campus. He was instrumental in enhancing departmental operations while maintaining best practices in the area of financial aid.

Prior to Lynchburg, he spent six years in financial aid at UNC Charlotte. He is currently working on his dissertation focused on second-year retention.



  1. Michael Hall says

    Congratulations and welcome to UMW. If you need anything from Public Safety/Police Department please feel free to contact us. Were you a student at LC or just worked there? I received my BA from LC a few years ago…LOL.

    Again welcome to UMW.