June 7, 2023

Announcing SGA 2023-2024 Elected Student Leaders

The Office of Student Activities & Engagement is excited to announce the 2023-2024 elected student leaders for Student Government Association, Class Council, Honor Council, Student Conduct Review Board, and Finance Committee:

Student Government Association
President: Jaylyn Long
Vice President/Senate President: Kaylah Lightfoot
Senate Vice President: Tonia Attie
Community Relations Chair: Shadwick Yoder
Diversity/Unity Coordinator Chair: Nahjah Wilson

Class of 2024 Senators:
Jenny Wolfe

Class of 2025 Senators:
Conner Rogers
Martina Pugh
Will Thompson
Nahjah Wilson

Class of 2026 Senators:
Katherine Armstrong
Tonia Attie
Amira Said
Josiah Schlechty

Class Council, Class of 2024
President: Madison DeWitt
Vice President: Jaylyn Long
Promotions Director: Whitley Kupchyk

Class Council, Class of 2025
President: Shadwick Yoder
Vice President: Shadwick Yoder
Treasurer: Marion Robinson
Promotions Director: Madison Van Buren

Class Council, Class of 2026
President: Torres
Vice President: Chris Walker
Treasurer: Jack Sabio
Promotions Director: Ashley Lam

Honor Council
President: Hannah Lee

Class of 2024 Representatives:
Aisling Berrios
Ariana Chase
Gabriella Nguyen

Class of 2025 Representatives:
Lordina Agyekun
Christopher Anderson
Merna Mousa
Marion Robinson

Class of 2026 Representatives:
Amaya De Jesus
Adelaide Gill
Mallory Thompson

Student Conduct Review Board
President: Bailey McNabb
Vice President: Megan Rinald

Class of 2024 Representatives:
Sarah Bazemore
Jenny Vuong

Class of 2025 Representatives:
Lucas Anderson
Phoebe Root
Bridget Zagrobelny

Finance Committee
Christopher Anderson
Avery Nelson
Will Thompson