June 3, 2023

Distinguished Adjunct Professor Broadcasts Guerrilla Art Installation

Dr OblivionOn Nov. 7, distinguished adjunct professor of media, Dr. Brian Oblivion, installed a guerrilla art piece at the Open Education conference in Park City, Utah. The installation is a groundbreaking meditation on identity and data in the 21st century. Dr. Oblivion posits in this piece that “data is the new flesh.” With the help of Art and Art History professors Carole Garmon and JeanAnn Dabb, Oblivion was able to use analog technologies like a 35 MM slide projector and TV/VCR to run an eight-hour loop of both video and slide projected images to drive this point home. Oblivion’s previous work at UMW teaching a summer section of the Digital Storytelling course ds106 (called the Summer of Oblivion) was the focus of some controversy after he was kidnapped and held hostage by one of his teaching assistants. Below is both the video of Oblivion giving his looped installation presentation, as well as a short video of the piece in action. For more information about this particular installation go here.

Dr. Oblivion defines the New Flesh from Jim Groom on Vimeo.

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