June 8, 2023

New Study by Erchull and Liss Garners Media Attention

Mindy Erchull

Associate professors of psychology Mindy Erchull and Miriam Liss’ study “Feminism and Attachment Parenting: Attitudes, Stereotypes, and Misperceptions” appears in the June 2012 edition of the journal Sex Roles.

The study, based on a survey of hundreds of self-described feminists and non-feminists, shows that attachment parenting techniques, like co-sleeping, breastfeeding and carrying a child in a body sling, are more popular with feminists than non-feminists. The study also reveals that people hold stereotypes about the ‘typical feminist,’ when in fact those stereotypes aren’t true.

Liss and Erchull’s study has appeared in various media outlets, including Buzz Feed, Science Daily and Counsel & Heal.

Miriam Liss

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