June 9, 2023

Build A Better Meal

Who needs help, suggestions, or guidance on meal planning, grocery shopping, and food prep? Next week the President’s Council on Wellness (PCOW) is hosting a Build A Better Meal program through CommonHealth, a free state employee wellness program, on Friday, October 25th from 11:00-12:00pm in the UC Capital Room, Room 314 for all faculty and staff. This program will “provide guiding principles to help you plan, shop, and prepare meals that fuel your body with the nutrients necessary to be your best. We’ll discuss updated food labels, portions, how to outsmart the grocery store and more to help you build a better meal, one choice at a time.” Each participant will receive a divided plate with cover (great for packing a healthy lunch). If you are hungry for more information, check out the Common Health website or email us at wellness@umw.edu.