May 25, 2022

UMW Physics, Math Major Wins Preeminent Goldwater Scholarship

William “Henry” Mills was in his late 20s when he arrived at UMW. After community college and a lackluster job, he’d begun to get serious about making the most of his life. This wasn’t the time, Mills thought, for playing it safe. “I’d always been interested in physics,” he said. “I just never thought I […]

Partnerships Lead Students to Engineering Master’s Degrees

Sophomore Justin Daniels is part of a group building a virtual campus tour where users can order – and “drink” – Katora coffee. Junior Zoe Rafter put her knowledge of voltage and wavelengths to work this semester using a circuit board. New partnerships with Virginia schools give University of Mary Washington students like Daniels and […]

Summer Science Symposium Showcases Student Research

Temperatures soared yesterday, but Allison Grant was cool and calm as she explained how climate change has disproportionately affected low income neighborhoods that are impacted to a greater degree by heat. “Redlining was outlawed over 50 years ago,” said the UMW senior, citing the discriminatory lending practice that prevented minorities from purchasing homes. “Yet it […]