May 8, 2021

UMW Symposium Spotlights Student Research and Creativity

Ashley Utz knows that over-the-counter medications like Prilosec and Prevacid are typically used to treat ulcers, reflux and other common stomach disorders. But the senior biochemistry major has a theory that these drugs, known as proton-pump inhibitors (PPI), could also help destroy cancer cells. Tomorrow, along with more than 100 of her University of Mary […]

Alumni Trio Adapt to Teaching in Madrid, Pandemic Style

When quarantine began in March 2020, Chloe Morton ’19 decided to improvise, creating virtual scavenger hunts to engage her middle and high school-aged students. It’s a typical assignment in the age of COVID-19. But she also had to add English subtitles. After all, she is teaching in Spain. One third of each graduating class at […]

Partnerships Lead Students to Engineering Master’s Degrees

Sophomore Justin Daniels is part of a group building a virtual campus tour where users can order – and “drink” – Katora coffee. Junior Zoe Rafter put her knowledge of voltage and wavelengths to work this semester using a circuit board. New partnerships with Virginia schools give University of Mary Washington students like Daniels and […]

UMW Professors Find Creative Ways to Teach Through COVID-19

Teaching at Mary Washington looks a bit different lately. Andi Smith films YouTube videos with her children to demonstrate architectural principles. Zach Whalen uses cartoons to teach a digital studies lesson. Smita Jain Oxford holds Zoom office hours for business majors on her daily jog. When the University moved to virtual classes last month due […]

UMW Professor’s Online Initiative Attracts Tens of Thousands

The University of Mary Washington is among countless educational institutions worldwide that have switched to virtual classes due to the coronavirus threat, or COVID-19. Suddenly, students are at home, and so are their teachers. The transition has been daunting for many professors, especially those who have never taught online. But one UMW faculty member saw […]

UMW to Offer Japanese Language Courses

Spending a semester in Japan, UMW senior Kaitlin Viloria was in a shop when a young woman asked her a question. The woman spoke no English and Viloria’s Japanese was limited, but they still managed to strike up a conversation. Viloria wishes she was more proficient, she said, “but in that moment, I was proud […]

UMW Students Mentor Area Teens Preparing for GED Test

Kevin was quiet and withdrawn when he first came to GED class at James Monroe High School. The 17-year-old left his homeland behind last year to make a better life for himself in the United States. It was an arduous journey, and not speaking English and working full time without a high school diploma made […]