May 22, 2024

O’Dell and UMW PreHealth Students Volunteer at Remote Access Medical Clinic

PreHealth Advisor and Professor of Biology Deborah O'Dell

PreHealth Advisor and Professor of Biology Deborah O’Dell

UMW PreHealth Advisor and Professor of Biology Deborah O’Dell and 8 UMW PreHealth students (Arianna Chase, Gabriella Nguyen, Rita Bishai, Carolina Llamas-Plascencia, Mallory Thompson, Olivia Pierce, Katherine Scott, and Rachel Cervantes-Amaro) gave their time to assist medical, dental, and vision professionals providing services to the community in Montross, VA on Sept 16 & 17.  Dr. O’Dell and the students left UMW at 4 am to travel to Westmoreland High School to assist at the Remote Access Medical (RAM) clinic, returning to UMW at 4:30pm.  Their assistance allowed medical professionals to provide services to over 400 clients from the Northern Neck. Students were also able to network with professionals and medical and dental students from schools such as VCU/MCV, UVa and organizations such as RAM and the Virginia Department of Health.  The Center for Career and Professional Development provided transportation for the students that allowed them to participate.

China-bound Graduate Focused on Global Goals

Bailey Johnson ’21 has a gift for being where she needs to be to meet her goals. Starting in August 2022, that will be Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. There she’ll join the newest class of Schwarzman Scholars, pursuing a master’s degree in global affairs. Johnson is among 151 scholars in nearly three dozen countries, […]

O’Dell Connects Cell Phones, Cancer on ‘With Good Reason’

UMW Associate Professor of Biology Deb O'Dell will share her research on the link between cell phones and cancer on the With Good Reason public radio show.UMW Associate Professor of Biology Deb O’Dell will be featured on “Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?” on the With Good Reason public radio show. Her interview, which took place last August, is an encore presentation and will air August 3 to 9. The program is broadcast in Fredericksburg on Radio IQ 88.3 Digital on Sundays […]

Deborah O’Dell Featured on Upcoming With Good Reason

An interview with Associate Professor of Biology Deborah O’Dell will be featured on With Good Reason from Aug. 18 through Aug. 24.

The program is broadcast at 2 p.m. on Sundays on Radio IQ 88.3 Digital in Fredericksburg. You can find other broadcast times at:

O’Dell will talk about her recent study that found cell phone radiation can cause changes to our cells in a program called Do Cell Phones Call Cancer?

The program will also feature Karen Ballen of University of Virginia Health Systems who says that for those diagnosed with blood cancer, the future is bright.

Later in the show, Richard Heller of Old Dominion University, will talk about new electro-magnetic treatments that are fighting deadly melanoma.

Plus, there’s a whole field of cancer research devoted just to developing treatments for the treatments — medications that can help ease the punch of chemotherapy side effects.Kimberly Lane of Radford University and her team are researching ways to ease the side effects of a potent chemotherapy drug used against with colon cancer.

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Audio files of the full program and its companion news feature will be posted the week of the show to the website:

Biology Professors Present at National Conference

Deborah O’Dell and April Wynn presented a poster titled “Transforming the Biology Major Through Course Based Research” at the AAC&U/PKAL meeting “Transforming Undergraduate STEM Education” held Nov. 4-5 in Boston. The poster was co-authored by O’Dell and Wynn and Biology Professors Andrew Dolby, Lynn Lewis, Alan Griffith and Deborah Zies. The presentation described changes in the biology major that ensure that every biology student participates in authentic research before they graduate.

O’Dell Featured in Study About Pet-Friendly Cities

Professor Deborah O’Dell was featured in a WalletHub study about 2016’s most pet-friendly cities.  You can find the piece here:

O’Dell and Sumner present at International Delta Kappa Gamma Society Convention

Deborah O’Dell and Suzanne Sumner presented the workshop “Craft(y) Faculty Development:  Teachers as Learners” for the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Convention, July 5 – 9, 2016, in Nashville, Tenn.

Delta Kappa Gamma is a professional honor society with the mission to promote professional leadership development of women educators and excellence in education.

Biology Professors Publish Paper in Virginia Journal of Science

Deborah O’Dell, associate professor of biological sciences, and Andrew Dolby, professor of biological sciences, have had their paper, “A Comparison of Techniques Measuring Stress in Birds,” published in the Virginia Journal of Science.

This paper was co-authored with  former UMW Biology students Michael A. Carlo, Abigail Kimmitt, Ellen Bikowski and Katherine R. Morris

Biology Students Awarded Grant, Attend Research Meeting

Deborah O’Dell, associate professor of biology, and her research student Virginia Lyle King attended the Virginia Academy of Science Undergraduate Research Meeting on Oct. 18 at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia. O’Dell assisted in judging student presentations for the VAS Undergraduate Research Grant. King presented her work with Riley Scalzo on “Cell Phone Radiation Induced Gene Expression in Human Glioblastoma Cells.”  King and Scalzo were awarded one of the $500 grants to support their work.

O’Dell’s Interview Featured on With Good Reason

Associate Professor of Biology Deborah O’Dell’s interview about bees was rebroadcast on With Good Reason Sept. 6.

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