October 27, 2020

Evacuated Peace Corps Volunteer Vows to Continue Service

For Peace Corps volunteer Sebrine Abdulkadir ’19, posted in the southern African country of Botswana, the upheaval happened fast. On a Monday morning in mid-March, she received an email saying she and other Peace Corps volunteers worldwide would be evacuated from their posts because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In three hours Abdulkadir packed what possessions […]

UMW Goes Global as Peace Corps Top Producer

Teenage boys can be a handful, no matter which country or culture they come from. Amal Hajjami learned that fact within her first few weeks of Peace Corps training in Morocco, when the 2019 alumna encountered a young man who was a bit of a troublemaker. He refused to participate or follow the rules – […]

UMW to Offer Japanese Language Courses

Spending a semester in Japan, UMW senior Kaitlin Viloria was in a shop when a young woman asked her a question. The woman spoke no English and Viloria’s Japanese was limited, but they still managed to strike up a conversation. Viloria wishes she was more proficient, she said, “but in that moment, I was proud […]

French Study Abroad Sparks Joy in Alumnus

Stephen Lamm ’19 was a junior at Mary Washington when he studied abroad at the foot of the Alps. During those four months, he learned to speak fluent French and trekked across Europe. He also lost his grandfather – and found himself. As an openly gay student who led UMW’s College Republicans, Lamm spent his […]

UMW Finds Zen with First Study Abroad Program in Japan

Maybe it was the beautiful campus. Or that it was nestled in a small town rather than a huge metropolis. Perhaps it was because it was a public university with a strong emphasis on the liberal arts. Whatever the reason, the Japanese school reminded Kevin Hockmuth ’00 of his beloved alma mater, almost 7,000 miles […]