June 17, 2024

Marketing Course Puts Food Waste on the Menu

Becca Winicour stands on her tiptoes to snag a soy yogurt off the top shelf, as Maggie Ellis, grocery scanner in hand, consults another classmate. “I found three blueberry ones,” she said, “but they’re not even a month old.” These University of Mary Washington seniors are enrolled in a new course called Alleviating Food Waste, […]

Marketing Class Partners with Students Across the Globe

Studying abroad is as much a part of University of Mary Washington culture as bench-sitting or playing Frisbee on Ball Circle. One-third of each graduating class – about 300 students – spends time learning overseas. Not this year. As COVID-19 continues to sweep the globe, international travel – like commencements, reunions and all large gatherings […]

UMW Professors Find Creative Ways to Teach Through COVID-19

Teaching at Mary Washington looks a bit different lately. Andi Smith films YouTube videos with her children to demonstrate architectural principles. Zach Whalen uses cartoons to teach a digital studies lesson. Smita Jain Oxford holds Zoom office hours for business majors on her daily jog. When the University moved to virtual classes last month due […]

UMW Professor’s Online Initiative Attracts Tens of Thousands

The University of Mary Washington is among countless educational institutions worldwide that have switched to virtual classes due to the coronavirus threat, or COVID-19. Suddenly, students are at home, and so are their teachers. The transition has been daunting for many professors, especially those who have never taught online. But one UMW faculty member saw […]