July 13, 2024

“Rooting for Shakespeare”

Are you celebrating the glories of this PIAP* Summer by putting your gardens to bed?  Then don’t just “weed them and weep” or “let sleeping dogwoods lie!”  “Winter is coming,” by George (Martin, that is) and it’s time to celebrate the poetry of the seasons by joining the FALSTAFF (Faculty, Librarians and Staff) Plant and Seed Exchange Program, sponsored by the President’s Sustainability Council and the BGP (Bard Garden Project).

Please contact Dan Hubbard (dhubbard@umw.edu) or Amme Mahler (aingram@umw.edu) if you are interested.  We want to know what you are willing to trade, what you would like to have and any special expertise you might be willing to share with other members of the Mdub Community.  In addition, if you have any old planting books that you would be willing to donate to a “Green Lending Library,” please let us know.  Long-term, we are hoping to create both a Mary’s Garden and a Shakespeare Garden on our campus, so we’re looking for those who might be interested in participating in either, or both, of these projects.

So whether you’re a “has bean” or just feeling seedy, leaf your worries behind, and share your COBnuts, CAStor beans or COEur de Boeuf tomatoes with your plant(ation) neighbors.

P.S. *PIAP = Politically Incorrect Adjectival Pejorative