January 23, 2021

Schiffrin Study Appears in Brainly.com Question

A question about a study led by Psychology Professor Holly Schiffrin recently appeared on Brainly.com:

“As maintained in ‘r u friends 4 real?,’ a 2010 study with 99 undergraduates led by holly schiffrin, a psychology professor at the university of mary washington, found that those who spent more time on the internet reported:”

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Holly Schiffrin Comments in Huffington Post, Alphr

Holly Schiffrin, professor of psychological sciences, was recently quoted in The Huffington Post and Alphr. To read the articles, visit the following links:

How To Tell Your Kids They’re Going To Have A Sibling (Huffington Post) https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-tell-your-kids-theyre-going-to-have-a-sibling_us_5a4fa362e4b003133ec77673.

Black Mirror Arkangel: Are we already living in a dystopia of parental surveillance? (Alphr) http://www.alphr.com/life-culture/1008058/black-mirror-arkangel-parental-surveillance-helicopter-parenting.


Black Mirror Arkangel: Are we already living in a dystopia of parental surveillance? (Alphr)

Schiffrin Interviewed by Voice of America

Schiffrin_250Holly Schiffrin, professor of psychology, was recently quoted in Voice of America. The article, “Does Your Mother Still Do Your Laundry?,” discussed the problems of helicopter parenting.  “Helicopter parenting is … parents being involved at a level that is inappropriate,” she said. Schiffrin told VOA that she sees students struggling to deal with issues ranging from anxiety to maturity to handling simple tasks that come with independence, such as doing laundry or cooking a meal.


Helping others helps us feel better about life (The Free Lance-Star)

Quiz: Are You a Helicopter Grandparent? (nextavenue.org)

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