February 24, 2024

Leslie Petrey Named Excellent Eagle for March 2022

Congratulations to Leslie Petrey! Leslie is USC’s Excellent Eagle for the month of March.

Maxxx Dennis nominated Leslie for this recognition, noting her amazing hard work during the Kronos outage. So many folks across campus are hugely appreciative of Leslie’s knowledge, dedication, and assistance. Please join us in congratulating Leslie on this well-deserved recognition.

Do you have a co-worker you’d like to nominate for this award? It’s easy! Just complete the Excellent Eagle Employee Nomination Form on our website. Recipients receive a month-long reserved parking space in the lot of their choosing.

UMW Administration, Faculty & Staff Featured in FLS Article on Remote Work

Members of the UMW community, including Associate Provost for Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness Debra Schleef, Executive Director of Human Resources Beth Williams, Associate Payroll Manager Leslie Petrey and Provost Nina Mikhalevsky were interviewed for a recent article in The Free Lance-Star: “Outbreak sends many Fredericksburg area residents home to work.”

Debra Schleef, associate provost of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness

Debra Schleef, associate provost of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness

Debra Schleef, a sociology professor at the University of Mary Washington, learned early on that the coronavirus would soon enough require staff and faculty to remotely work and teach from home.

It prompted Schleef, who also works in the provost’s office, to pull together a collection of paper and electronic files she’d need to work from home with the other three folks in the office.

She was a bit ahead of the game, already having a laptop that uses an internet connection so that makes it “not too different from sitting in front of my computer at work.” Read more.

Timecard Helpful Hints

1.  For all Full-Time employees, Leave Requests must begin on a quarter hour (:00, :15, :30, :45).  Anything other than that causes an issue.  Please be mindful of this.

2.  A timecard unapproved by both employee and supervisor will be white.

When the employee approves the Timecard first, it will change from white to pale orange.

When the supervisor approves the Timecard first, it will turn from white to pale yellow.

When the Timecard gets approved the second time, either by employee or supervisor, the Timecard will turn green.

When Payroll signs off, the Timecard will turn grey.

3.  Timecard Manuals are available and very informative.  We suggest printing the manual or manuals that pertain to you.  Here is the link to all MyTime Manuals:



TIme Cards

Approving timecards? Before you approve your time card or your staff’s time cards, it is critical to review them first.  Here are some items to consider:

1.  Does time card reflect accurately the hours you and/or your staff were scheduled to work?

2.  Do any Leave Requests need to be submitted?

3.  Are there any outstanding Leave Requests that require attention?

4.  Are there any missed punches that need to be added?

Surprisingly, a large percentage of time cards get approved that are incomplete.  Please help us make sure everyone is paid correctly and on time!