July 17, 2024

More than 500 Scholarships Available for Next Year

This is a reminder that it’s time to complete the yearly scholarship application at www.umw.edu/scholar.

Please note that some Departmental Scholarship deadlines are fast approaching. In order to be considered for all opportunities, please complete the application ASAP.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the financial aid office at finaid@umw.edu

Careers-Student Module Adopted

Over the past several months the Office of Financial Aid has worked with Human Resources and PeopleAdmin to set up the Careers-Student Module. This set up included departments completing job descriptions to be used in building the position description library. Careers will now house all of the job advertisements for the University. This will be the central location for all applications submitted no matter what position a person is applying to.

There were a few reasons that Student Employment decided to move the application process to the Careers module. First, this will allow the departments that are hiring to have access to view who applies for the positions in real-time. Student Employment will no longer have to forward applications to departments. This will assist in being more transparent and ensuring that each application is seen by the hiring department. The move to Careers will also allow for a paperless process.

The application process in Careers will also serve as continued preparation for students as they graduate from UMW and begin to apply for jobs. This will give them the experience of completing a job application and finding jobs that correlate to their skill set. In an effort to help students map their academic pursuits to jobs on campus, departments are able to customize their job requirements and the additional information they are asking applicants for—cover letters, references, licensures, etc.

The Office of Financial Aid has had two training sessions so far for Careers and another is planned for Thursday, January 25 in the Hurley Convergence Center Training Lab 130 from 2-3pm. We look forward to working together to make this a great transition!