August 12, 2020

UMW Pathway Provides Grad-Level Engineering Opportunities

Engineers share a lot in common with superheros. The latter leap tall buildings in a single bound, fight evil-doers and travel faster than a speeding bullet. The former design sustainable and safe infrastructure, combat cyber-crime and create signals that move at lightning speed. UMW students aren’t caped crusaders, but they need to be prepared to […]

Chiang Published Article and Presented at JIMAMSVMS

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Math, had a research article “Exponentially Harmonic Maps between Surfaces” published in Analysis and Mathematical Physics. She presented this publication at the Joint International Meeting of American Math Society and Vietnam Math Society.

Professor of Mathematics Yuan Jen Chiang

Professor of Mathematics Yuan Jen Chiang

2019 Graduate Emily MacIndoe’s Research Published in Mathematics Journal

A research article “Analytical Solutions of the Susceptible-Infected-Virus (SIV) Model” by Emily MacIndoe (’19) has been published in SIAM Undergraduate Research Online Journal. McIndoe’s research was completed as part of her honors requirement in the spring of 2019, and she was advised by Associate Professor of Mathematics Jangwoon “Leo” Lee. “It is highly unusual for a student to publish a paper in mathematics,” said College of Arts and Sciences Dean Keith Mellinger, who praised MacIndoe’s work and wished her “a hearty congratulations.” McIndoe’s paper is accessible through the following link on the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics website:

Abstract: The Susceptible-Infected-Virus (SIV) model is a compartmental model to describe within-host dynamics of a viral infection. We apply the SIV model to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); in particular, we present analytical solutions to two versions of the model. The first version includes only terms related to the susceptible cell-virus particle interaction and virus production, while the second includes those terms in addition to the infected cell death rate. An analytical solution, although more challenging and time-consuming than numerical methods, has the advantage of giving exact, rather than approximate, results. These results contribute to our understanding of virus dynamics and could be used to develop better treatment options. The approach used to solve each model involved first isolating one of the dependent variables, that is, deriving an equation that involves only one of the variables and its derivatives. Next, various substitutions were used to bring the equation to a more easily solvable form. For the first model, an exact solution is obtained in the form of an implicit equation. For the second model, we give an analytical solution generated by an iterative method.

Konieczny Publishes in Algebra Colloquium

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, published a research article, The semigroup of surjective transformations on an infinite set, in the journal Algebra Colloquium. This research has been supported by a 2015–16 University of Mary Washington Faculty Research Grant.

Lehman Publishes Book in Dolciani Series

Larry Lehman, Professor of Mathematics.

Larry Lehman, Professor of Mathematics.

Larry Lehman, Professor of Mathematics, has had his book, Quadratic Number Theory: An Invitation to Algebraic Methods in the Higher Arithmetic, published by MAA Press, an imprint of the American Mathematical Society.  The book appears in the Dolciani Mathematical Expositions series, devoted to “mathematical elegance and ingenuity” in texts intended for undergraduate math majors.  It features innovations in notation developed during several directed studies and topics courses in algebraic number theory led by Prof. Lehman at the University of Mary Washington.

Konieczny Publishes in Asian-European Journal of Mathematics

Professor of Mathematics Janusz Konieczny

Professor of Mathematics Janusz Konieczny

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, published a research article, Second centralizers in the semigroup of injective transformations, in the Asian-European Journal of Mathematics. This research has been supported by a a 2017–18 University of Mary Washington Faculty Research Grant.

UMW Students Win Math Competition

Makenzie Cowler and Riley Anderson

Makenzie Cowler, left, and Riley Anderson presented at AMA’s Undergraduate Poster Session.

UMW students Riley Anderson and Makenzie Clower, accompanied by Assistant Professor of Mathematics Jeb Collins, delivered outstanding performances at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore earlier this month.

Anderson and Clower won the Radical Dash, a group competition that asks participants to answer math questions through social media, taking home a year subscription to the mathematics software Maple and a textbook. The students also presented at the Mathematical Association of America’s Undergraduate Students Poster Session.

“This conference is a great opportunity for students to see the wider mathematical world, to meet other students from different universities and to hear talks about research done in the field,” Collins said.

Konieczny Publishes in Theoretical Computer Science

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, co-authored a research article, “Decidability and independence of conjugacy problems in finitely presented monoids,” published in the journal Theoretical Computer Science.

Konieczny Research Appears in Edinburgh Math Journal

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, co-authored a research article, “Four notions of conjugacy for abstract semigroups,” published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. This research was supported by the 2011–12 University of Mary Washington Faculty Research Grant.

Chiang Publishes Article in AEJM, Presents at MCA

Professor of Mathematics Yuan-Jen Chiang published a research article, Equivariant exponentially harmonic maps between manifolds with metrics of signature in the Asian-European Journal of Mathematics.

She also presented a research paper, Leaf-wise harmonic maps of manifolds with 2-dimensional foliations at the 2nd Mathematical Congress of the Americas, which occurs every four years, in Montreal, Canada.