February 9, 2023

Town Talk: College of Education (WFVA)

Field Trip Gets Elementary School Students Excited About STEM

Elephant toothpaste. The giant glob of sudsy foam created in a classroom experiment gave Battlefield Elementary School student Aidan Muller a thought: “Chemistry is cool!” The whimsical tooth wash – hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish soap and a healthy dose of imagination – was part of a fall field trip designed to get students excited […]

UMW Workshop Shares Makerspace Magic With Stafford Educators

The University of Mary Washington’s College of Education (COE) hosted a hands-on field trip last month for Stafford County Public School teachers, who left with plenty of lessons to take back to their classrooms. The main goal of the day was helping educators discover new, innovative resources to implement into their academic toolkit. Each one […]

Good Shares Thoughts on Computer Science Education

Assistant Professor of Special Education Kevin Good

Assistant Professor of Special Education Kevin Good

Assistant Professor of Special Education Kevin Good contributed to a story titled “How do you teach younger students computer science?” for ZDNet.com. Computer science curriculums for K-8 students should also have a foundation of cultivating student curiosity, Good said. “I love to tell my teacher-preparation students that computer science should be like a trip with Ms. Frizzle, one in which we take chances and make mistakes.” Read more

Good also contributed to an article called “Not just starting sooner: The pandemic’s surprising impact on K-12 computer science education” for RoxxCloud and Technology for You. “Over the pandemic, most school districts achieved the goal of having a device for every student … which has been fantastic in terms of access,” he said. “However, online access outside of school remains a challenge for many.” Read the full article on RoxxCloud and Technology for You.

How do you teach younger students computer science? (zdnet.com)