August 3, 2021

Judge dismisses group’s effort to remove Black state senator (The Washington Post; The Philadelphia Tribune)

2022’s midterm elections already are pressuring Democrats, as Wall Street ‘might be praying for Republican gains’ (MarketWatch; Morningstar; Crumpe)

Trump joins Rumble as his search for alternative social media platform continues (ABC 6; CBS12; CNY Central)

McAuliffe commits to five debates in Virginia governor’s race, Youngkin to one (The Washington Post; Westport News)

Learn to make good decisions by making bad ones first (The Free Lance-Star)

Wearing Down the Appalachian Trail (With Good Reason)

Democrats Playing Too Nice? (CTV News Channel)

Police officer killed in ‘ambush’ by man who ‘expressed hatred’ of law enforcement, officials say (The Washington Post)

Word choice matters (The Free Lance-Star)

Schapiro: A Republican campaign in search of a theme (Richmond Times-Dispatch)